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Company profile

Leclanché designs, develops and manufactures customized energy storage solutions for electricity generation and transmission, mass transportation, heavy industrial machines and specialty battery systems. Through recent acquisitions we have positioned ourselves as a fully vertically integrated battery energy storage solution provider. We offer our customers multi-technology lithium-ion battery systems dimensioned to meet their specific application needs within a given operating environment, depending on whether they require high energy density or high cycle stability and fast charging, or a combination of both.

Within our targeted markets, our customers include original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), distributors and end-users. We aim to work in close cooperation with our customers to develop battery energy storage solutions that meet their specific needs, including in collaboration with partners or other strategic alliances. Alongside our customer-focused approach, we also continue to research and develop the next generation of lithium-ion batteries which will ultimately assist our customers in developing new innovative products and solutions. We are organized around three specific markets sectors, a system engineering and delivering unit and a technology and industrial team. Below is an overview of the company organizational structure.
  • Stationary Storage Systems sells customized systems to support customers in both electricity generation markets (such as renewable energy integration, micro-grid or distributed power) and in transmission & distribution markets (so-called grid ancillary services).
  • Speciality Battery Systems develops and delivers both turn-key customized solutions and off-the-shelf solutions incorporating battery storage and/or charging solutions utilizing both in-house and third-party technologies.
  • Mobile Storage Systems sells customised systems to support customers in the mass transportation and industrial machinery markets.
  • System Engineering and Delivery is responsible for module assembly, design, project implementation and services for all commercial business units.
  • Technology and Industrial Team is responsible for group-wide electrochemistry research and development and production of large format lithium-ion cells which are at the core of the business units commercial solutions.

With over a century of experience in making batteries combined with our modern, automated production facility enable us to design, develop and manufacture high-quality, innovative products. Renewable energies play an increasingly important role in our global energy supply and through our continuous investment in research, development and the latest production technologies we strive to be at the forefront of renewable energy storage solutions.

Own cell manufacturing

Leclanché has a large scale lithium ion cell manufacturing plant in Willstätt in Germany where all our Lithium Titanate and Lithium Graphite/NMC cells are produced.

This state-of-the art factory has the capability to produce both technologies on the same line which gives high flexibility in delivering to customer requirements.

The production of cathodes is water based avoiding the use of harmful solvents.

The European Union co-funded the following innovation projects through the FP7 and H2020 programmes:

e-ferry (n°636027), hdbat (n°790643), ambassador (n°314175) & batteries2020 (n°608936)