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In a connected, yet portable world we see a transformation from centralized to distributed renewable energy generation while the need for energy is constantly increasing.

This creates opportunities for energy storage, energy management and energy conversion solutions which are safe and sustainable.

On the road to standardization, new and better energy storage technologies will replace or complement existing ones. The coming years there will be a high demand for customized energy storage solutions.


As the oldest battery manufacturer in the world, Leclanché produces battery and related systems by nature. For over 100 years we have invested in research and development in Swiss and German design and manufacturing of top quality products. As a company always operating at the forefront of technology we proved our right of existence over time. We do this in an environment where astonishing technological innovation takes place and market uncertainty rules. We are focused on recognizing trends early and respond to these with new, innovative products.

Leclanché is known for providing electricity storage systems characterized by their high performance and safety which are used in stationary, mobile and integrated applications. They are competitively developed and manufactured for their different applications. We base these products on our know-how of the storage, management and conversion needs of electricity.

Whether the requirement is for high power or high energy density or blend of these two, we can deliver solutions for applications ranging from custom designed portable equipment through to electric buses or ferries, or large scale storage for the provision of grid services. We fulfill all of these requirements simultaneously and develop and produce effective, and durable products. Our agility and modularity is the key to efficient customization. We offer, install and maintain integrated technical solutions and provide financial services that support our customers in their transition to better energy solutions.


Designing the energy storage solution dimensioned to the needs of the customer

As the oldest battery manufacturer in the world Leclanché has over a century of experience in designing, developing and manufacturing battery storage solutions. Through tight cooperation with our customers and continuous innovation we provide them with the best fitting battery storage solution based on one of our multiple lithium-ion technologies.

Addressing the specific needs understanding the customer’s market

We design, develop and manufacture customized energy storage solutions for electricity generation and transmission, mass transportation, heavy industrial machines and specialty battery systems. Leclanché is a fully vertically integrated battery energy storage solution provider. We offer our customers multi-technology lithium-ion battery systems dimensioned to meet their specific needs within a given operating environment, depending on whether they require high energy density or high cycle stability and fast charging, or a combination of both.

Within our targeted markets, our customers include original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), distributors and final end-users. We work in close cooperation with our customers to develop battery energy storage solutions that meet their specific needs, including in collaboration with partners or other strategic alliances.

Building international presence

As most of our customers are active in many different countries around the world, Leclanché has to be where the customers are. We are already present in most countries in Europe, North America and Asia and constantly expanding our global reach through own offices or local partners.

Working on future solutions

Alongside our customer-focused approach, we also continue to research and develop the next generation of lithium-ion batteries which will ultimately assist our customers in developing new innovative products and solutions. We are constantly exploring new horizons, including building hybrid systems with other storage technologies.