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Leclanché places great value on sustainability in production. The availability of materials and resources is limited and requires responsible usage over the whole product life cycle. We take responsibility for an efficient use of our resources and always do our best to include ecological aspects in manufacturing practises.

Protection of the environment has priority in every phase of the product life cycle: saving resources by reduction of waste in manufacturing, separation technology in all areas of chemical processing as well as gas and water treatment through to systematic recycling and recovery of raw materials. Leclanché takes the ecological idea very seriously, that is why we are a member of the Swiss Inobat Interest Organization for the disposal of batteries and why we began with the recycling of batteries as early as 60 years ago.

It is our endeavour to establish a fully environmentally friendly mass production.

In the field of lithium-ion-technology, Leclanché started with the development of a coating process in 2008 in which conventional solvents are replaced with water. The transition of the whole electrode production process to water-based technology took place with the commissioning of the new production plant in Willstätt in the middle of 2012.

In contrast to the solvent free water-based production of electrodes at Leclanché, considerable amounts of chemical solvents, which have to be subsequently recycled or burnt, are used in conventional industrial coating. In the new water-based technology from Leclanché only water is used and, at the same time, the amount of binders is greatly reduced – a milestone on the path to an environmentally friendly mass production.