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Battery & Lighting solutions for professionals

As early as the beginning of the 19th century, Georges Leclanché – entrepreneur and inventor of the dry battery – supplied the Belgian Telegraph Administration and the Dutch Railways with his battery solutions. Today, Leclanché continues to provide professionals with a full range of primary cells, alkaline batteries, NiMh, Nicd batteries, lead acid batteries, lithium ion batteries, as well as professional lighting solutions.

As a specialist for batteries, rechargeable accumulators, and portable lighting solutions, Leclanché offers a wide range of products to be used in a variety of fields, such as alarms and security systems, electronic devices, watches, instrumentation and myriad industrial applications. Whatever your need, Leclanché has the solution.

Leclanché is fully dedicated to professional distribution channels, therefore we will not compromise on the quality of your primary cells, accumulators, or batteries.

Alkaline batteries

  • Alkaline Professional
  • Alkaline Value
  • Alkaline Industrial
  • Alkaline High Tech
  • Other alkaline batteries

Lithium batteries

  • 3V Lithium batteries
  • Batteries for photography and electronics
  • Leclanché Lithium batteries
  • Other lithium batteries

Rechargeable products

  • Ni-MH accumulators
  • Ready to use Ni-MH accumulators
  • Leclanché chargers
  • Professional Ni-Cd accumulators

Lead acid batteries

  • Lead acid batteries
  • Odyssey Batteries

Lighting solutions

  • Torch lamps
  • Head lights
  • Tactical lamps
  • Lighting solutions for risk zones or difficult access zones
  • Medical lamps
  • Safety lamps
  • Street lighting

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