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Storing solar energy

Energy storage for home and business

Solar energy has no limits.

Solar installations produce energy when most people are not at home. The challenge therefore lies in the capacity to store this energy for consumption when you really need it, like in the evening and in the morning at home, or during the day for small businesses.

Energy storage systems by Leclanché are far ahead of their time. They are easy to install and are compatible with the main inverter solutions on the market. Whether you decide to use Lithium-ion Graphite/NMC technology or the unique Lithium Ion Titanate technology, your battery will last as long as your solar installation.

Our ApollionCube™ storage system is all designed for a lifespan of up to 15 years, between 5000 and 15000 charge/discharge cycles. 

The storage system will allow you to reach a level of autonomy never achieved so far (close to 80% depending on the installation) and provides multiple additional benefits:

  • you will significantly reduce your electricity bill;
  • there are tax benefits in most countries;
  • you are contributing to reducing CO2 emissions while saving money;
  • you avoid paying heavy peak power charges from your electricity provider by shaving demand peaks;

By choosing a Leclanché home storage solution, you not only opt for an innovative and high-output energy storage system, you are also endorsing an economically intelligent solution; and Leclanché home and small business solutions remove your dependency on electricity providers and future price increases. You’re in control of your own electricity.

Leclanché solutions

Leclanché develops and builds various battery systems for homes and small businesses. The battery systems buffer energy to be released when the supply from the solar panels is insufficient and stores excess energy for later use.

A typical configuration for a residential or small enterprise combines the battery system with a solar plant, an energy manager, and an inverter system. Your Leclanché partner will help you to measure and install the most efficient solution for your energy needs, whether you are grid connected or off grid.

Leclanché offers lithium ion storage solutions from home storage (6.7 kWh) to megawatt container solutions.

SSFE - 25 kWh Energy Storage Solution for Off-grid house
Energy Storage Solution for remote island in Sri Lanka
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