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Home energy storage

Leclanché has developed the perfect home energy storage solution for people who want to become energy self-sufficient and reduce their carbon footprint – and lower their bills!

PowerPack™ - a world first

Our innovative new PowerPack™ solution is 30% more efficient in energy consumption than traditional home storage products. This is because it comes with the very latest Lithium-ion battery and a single hybrid convertor connecting the photovoltaic panels to the battery.  PowerPack™ is one of the first products of its kind in the world.

Owners of Leclanché’s PowerPack™ will enjoy:

  • reduced CO2 emissions
  • lower electricity bills 
  • tax advantages in many countries
  • a UPS function (Uninterruptible Power Supply) that automatically takes over during power cuts 
  • remote monitoring of energy production and consumption
  • integrated artificial intelligence that in the near future will enable management of connected electric devices in the home

The PowerPack™ storage system is available with storage capacities of 6.7 kWh, 13.4 kWh and 20.1 kWh.

Contact us here to help you select the right PowerPack™ for your needs.

Your PowerPack™ will be installed by our professional partner. This is straightforward and quick to do as PowerPack™ is an all-in-one product.

Leclanché home solutions

Leclanché has been at the forefront of designing and making battery solutions for the home since 1909.

All our products are built to the very highest quality and include the following benefits:

  • a high cycle stability
  • very long lifetimes
  • low maintenance needs
  • world-class patent protected security