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Save diesel and money through energy storage

Energy storage to reduce diesel consumption

Diesel generators run up to 3 times more efficient when they are running at full capacity yet in many applications they are only used at a fraction of their capacity. Additionally, running at a low load causes damage to the generator. This shortens the maintenance intervals and increases operational expenses.

By combining a diesel generator with a storage system, the use of the generator can be optimized and it can even be switched off. This leads to significant savings by:

Reducing fuel consumption
Increasing maintenance intervals and extending the life of the generator

Renewable energies save fuel. Leclanché battery solutions combined with solar and/or wind generation offer independence from rising diesel costs. This is particularly true in remote areas not connected to the utility grid where battery storage is a core component of a microgrid system.

Any electricity system that runs on diesel generators will benefit from significant savings in consumption by implementing a battery storage system, which

  • handles peaks in demand without burning extra diesel;
  • optimizes generator efficiency to reduce energy wastage; and
  • automatically switches off the diesel generator during the day to rely on energy supply from the battery’s combined with a solar powered system.

Leclanché solutions

For industrial use
A Leclanché battery system builds efficient and stable energy supply from renewable sources like solar or wind. The battery system buffers energy to be released when the supply from the solar panels is insufficient or stores excess energy for later use which means that, unlike a diesel generator, no fuel is burned and energy is released instantly when required.

A typical configuration for an industrial user is a combination of battery system, solar plant, energy manager and inverter system. The diesel generator will still be integrated in the system to provide energy in the occasion that not sufficient energy is available from the other sources.

Leclanché offers lithium ion storage solutions from racks up to full containerized battery systems with power electronics and controls.