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Modules & Systems

The battery system

Battery cells don’t make a system yet. They have to be integrated into a battery module together with a Battery Management System, a Battery Controller and Switch Unit.

Leclanché provides battery modules with integrated Battery Management System (BMS) that monitors the temperature and operating voltage of each individual cell in the module and takes care of balancing the cells.

Leclanché designed the battery modules to accommodate both Lithium Graphite/NMC and Lithium Titanate Oxide cells. Individual battery modules are built into a string to reach the right level of energy storage and the required voltage levels for the application. Each string is controlled by a string controller.

Battery modules and systems area available for both stationary applications in 19” rack mount format and for mobile applications.

In stationary applications the racks are built into systems with airflow cooling. Mobile applications often need customized battery packs because of space limitations. The cooling strategy for these battery packs has to be aligned with the available space and surrounding.

For these applications Leclanché developed the flexible mobile system which can be fitted with cooling systems based on water or air flow systems.

The application

In all applications the battery system has to cooperate seamlessly with the energy source and the load. Be it in a bus or in a microgrid, a ferry or an electricity grid, the battery has to be charged and discharged at the right speed and the right moment.

This requires a seamless integration of the battery management system, the charge/discharge controller and the overlying energy management system.

Leclanché partners with renowned inverter manufacturers and system integrators to provide the right solution for the customer application.