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Storing solar energy

The Apollion Cube is our best attempt at squaring the circle: it’s a compact and high performance storage system with lithium-ion technology at an outstanding price/performance ratio.

Quality/ Safety

Hazard-free operation is guaranteed using tried and tested technology, integrated cell monitoring and a redundant safety concept. Like all our batteries, the Apollion Cube has also been certified by independent testing institutes.

The storage system is developed according to standards and tested by independent institutes, such as TÜV Rheinland. A 7 year pro-rata warranty gives your investment sufficient additional protection.

Performance characteristics

The Apollion Cube is a power pack in the form of a cube with a high quality design and 6.7 kWh of nominal storage capacity. In order to increase the capacity, up to 12 systems can be combined together to form a battery with over 80 kWh. Efficient operation is ensured through constant temperature control and high-speed charging capability.

With the Apollion Cube we do not only increase the flexibility and capacity of a storage system, but we give you full control. You can keep a constant eye on your system via PC, Tablet or Smartphone thanks to continuous performance monitoring. You can revert to a wide range of charge controllers by SMA. Other well-known systems give a wider range of possible configurations.

Technical specifications  
Cell technology Li-Ion (NMC)
Nominal energy 6.7 kWh
Usable capacity 5.4 kWh
Nominal voltage 55.7 V
Charge end voltage 61.5 V
Discharge end voltage 41.0 V
Max. discharge current 80 A
Max. discharge power 300 A (3 sec.)
Max. discharge performance 6500 W
Efficiency 97%
Depth of discharge 80%
Expected cycles >5,000
Width 675 mm
Depth 475 mm
Height 537 mm
Weight 95 kg
Charge temperature (max.) +0°C - +45°C
Discharge temperature (max.) +0°C - +45°C
Optimal storage temperature +10°C - +25°C
Scalability Max. 12 systems parallel
Communication CAN/SMA ready
Protection class IP21
Warranty 7 years fair value warranty