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Solar street lighting – light without the powerline

Providing light at night even in remote locations is important for safety and security. However in many locations there is no ready infrastructure to connect streetlights.

Powering streetlights also requires a lot of energy which most of time is generated by conventional (coal- or gas fired) power installations, creating CO2 and other greenhouse gasses.

Local power, local light

Generating the energy for the streetlight locally with solar PV panels has a lot of benefits but to convert the solar power into night-time light it needs to be stored.

Leclanché provides a complete solar streetlight storage solution which consists of Leclanché Lithium Ion battery modules together with a battery management system and light control system.

The battery modules are based on Leclanché Lithium Titanate cells which provide a lifetime of more than 20 years to the streetlamp with a very high reliability.

Their large operational temperature range from -20°C to +55°C make them very suitable for operation in remote areas both in cool and in warm climates. Streetlights with Leclanché battery modules are operating in the desert in Abu-Dhabi where the temperature inside the mast easily reached over 50 degrees.

Modular to increase autonomy time

The battery systems is modular so depending on the location and the spread in day/night time over the year a customer may decide to add more capacity. This way the autonomy time of a street lamp can be increased from one night to two or even three without recharging the battery. This is important for situations where the solar panels will not provide enough energy to charge the battery (e.g. when covered with snow or during a sand storm).

Leclanché: partner for design

Leclanché is a partner for street light manufacturers from concept to full mass production. See one of our partners offering streetlights with Leclanché battery modules. Scotialight ApS