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We are a vertically integrated energy storage solutions supplier that provides battery storage systems to fleet operators helping them accelerate the transition towards cleaner transport.

Leclanché’s cell to software ownership enables cost competitive battery packs for electric vehicles of any size, range and lifetime requirements. We deliver tailored solutions for any type of electric bus, truck or other commercial vehicle and can tailor the size of batteries to suit the type of journey your fleets are required to travel. We can produce smaller capacity on-board battery packs, smartly coupled with charging infrastructure that includes fast charging stations and battery swapping stations.

Customer applications include trucks, city buses, off-highway, and material handling vehicles such as cranes, and fork lift trucks.

Our high energy and high cycle life cells reduce total cost of ownership for fleet vehicle operations and by addressing key concerns of high capex and range anxiety, we are also accelerating EV adoption.

Aerial view of the Red Cow intersection, Dublin, Ireland.

Optimal battery cell chemistry is determined by a number of factors:

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  • Discharge and charge power requirements
  • Ambient conditions