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A Turnkey Solution for Designing Electric Commercial Vehicles

The future of commercial transportation is upon us – and it is electric. Now, Leclanché is leveraging its extensive experience in e-Transportation to allow bus and commercial vehicle developers to bring next generation e-commercial vehicles to market. An optional IoT tool allows remote data logging and real-time access to battery status, performance and diagnostic data – ideal for optimizing fleet operations. Whether you are planning to develop fully electric or hybrid solutions, let Leclanché help you hit the road smarter, quicker and risk-free. Meet INT-39 Energy.

What is it?

The INT-39 Energy HV pack is a “plug and play,” modular, all-in-one, high cycle life battery system for commercial vehicle manufacturers.

It is a fully engineered, self-contained battery system that is optimized to support the needs of e-Truck, municipal service, ground support equipment, construction vehicle and e-Bus designers.

Leclanché’s extensive experience in helping to design electric/hybrid vehicles for markets around the world is integral to the pack’s design.

The pack is available with an energy capacity of 39.4 kWh (at 657 V) and can be expanded to include as many as eight packs providing up to 315 kWh of energy capacity.

The INT-39 Energy HV pack is designed for installation within vehicles and is also suited to roof mounting applications given that the packs are fully self-supported and can be end-mounted.

  • Road: ECE R-100 rev 2
  • Industry leading cycle life
  • Fully European made using Leclanché cells
  • High energy density
  • ECE R100.02 certified
  • Remote data logging and monitoring*
  • Delivery from Q1 2021

INT-39 Energy is ideal for a broad range of truck applications – from refuse, recycling, street sweeper and water tanker vehicles


Bus designers can benefit from Leclanché’s long-term development in this market with fully-electric and hybrid buses on the road for years in many European countries.


In-house designed and manufactured G/NMC lithium-ion cells with class leading energy density and cycle-life.


Standardized battery system which is configurable to suit a range of energy requirements.


Type-approved pack means our systems are ready for operation immediately.


Proven battery technology designed for demanding commercial vehicle applications.


Intrinsic safety from cell to pack level through advanced cell and module designs and system software.


High-capacity automated cell and module production facilities based in Europe.

Technical advantages
  • Cells, modules and packs manufactured in Leclanché’s advanced facilities in Germany and Switzerland.
  • Industry-leading cycle-life: 10,000 cycles at 70% DoD (4,500 at 100% DoD)
  • High performance G/NMC modules and battery management system (BMS) integrated into one pack
  • Configurable for a large range of energy requirements
  • Liquid-cooling system
  • Remote data-logging and real-time access to battery status, performance and diagnostic data (option)
  • Switch box and pre-charge circuit controlled by proprietary Leclanché BMS
  • High strength stainless steel pack enclosure
  • Standard CAN bus communication for system connectivity
  • Expandable by integrating multiple packs using a multi-string controller

Leclanché’s e-Transportation experience and advanced electrification and battery storage technology can speed and simplify your planning. Put INT-39 Energy HV to work on your next design project.

How will it fit into your vehicle ? Download the 2D CAD drawing and the High Resolution image here :

Cycle life (100% DoD / 70% DoD) 4,500 / 10,000
Voltage (nom) 657V
Voltage (min/max) 540V / 756V
Capacity 60Ah
Discharging power (continuous) 118kW
Charging power (continuous) 39kW
Weight 372kg
Dimensions (H x W x L) 408mm x 1266mm x 613mm

For more information and a complete brochure of our INT-39 Energy product’s specifications, discover our complete brochure


Our in-house technology

European made cells and modules in Leclanché factories in Germany and Switzerland means no supply issue and almost immediate delivery. With a cycle life of 4000 cycle at 100% depth of discharge, our cells last significantly longer than other cells on the market. The results are lower costs of ownership. The high energy density enable the vehicle to cover a longer range before recharging.

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