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Intelligent Energy Integrated by Leclanché

Modular, scalable, plug & play
To simplify logistics
Reduce total cost
and carbon footprint

Energy storage system simulator

Learn more about Leblock, Leclanché’s modular, scalable, plug & play energy storage solution.

The challenge

Today, batteries for stationary storage have become a commodity, but…

How to reduce the duration, complexity and cost of the installation ?
  • Today: battery are mainly transported in specific packaging and mounted within container on site
  • This leads to high complexity and long duration installation
How to design a system that can evolve over the years to maintain the capacity ?
  • Adding batteries capacity into an existing installation after several years of operation is a major issue with the standard battery container approach.
How to reduce carbon footprint and environmental impact ?
  • Production of the battery is not the only part of the CO2 emission.
  • Transportation has a big impact. Waste management on site is a challenge.
The solution

Based on 110 years of battery
manufacturing and integration,
Leclanché introduces a new concept

  • Modular and scalable concept
  • Integrated auxiliaries
  • Plug & Play: easy to interconnect
  • Simplified logistics
  • Fast installation on site
  • Easy battery capacity augmentation
Simplified logistic
Fast installation on site
Easy augmentation
Lower TCO
Minimal environmental footprint

Different blocks to build LeBlock™

Energy storage installation with LeBlock is as easy as playing with bricks.

  • High density lithium-ion batteries including fire suppression system.
  • 744 kWh with LFP technology.
  • Interconnection and protection of the batteries
  • High efficiency temperature management for the batteries
Power conversion
  • Selection from tier 1 supplier
Energy Management System (EMS)
  • Control and monitoring of the entire energy storage system.

How do you build your Energy Storage System with LeBlock™ ?

Logistic, installation, augmentation

Assembled in group of 4 blocks,
transported as standard 20 FT container

Blocks are directly transported; battery
mounted to the final site
Cost and CO2 emission reduction

Blocks are easily put in place in group of 4 or as
single unit to reach the expected energy capacity

Blocks are easily interconnected on the top using prefabricated flexible connectors.

Blocks can be easily reconfigured to
allow augmentation of the capacity

Our Approach to Safety
Fire Resistant Construction

Enclosure walls with 90-minute fire rating with lockable doors and door sensors ensure safe operation by personnel.

Fire Detection & Suppression System

Gas, smoke and heat detection with automatic activation to detect and suppress a fire to prevent it from spreading to the cells .

Emergency Stop Function

Controlled shutdown can be manually activated by first responders or automatically triggered by internal safety features and battery anomalies detected by the Leclanché EMS.

Isolation Monitoring

To detect faults such as short circuit to ground and safely disconnect the batteries.


The LeBlock concept is designed to meet UL and IEC standards. The system is certified UN38.3, UL9540A, IEC62933, NFPA 855, and more.

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