We focus on two main electrochemical cells, Lithium Titanate Oxide (LTO) cells for leading performance in long-life and rapid-charge applications, and G-NMC cells for energy intensive applications.

Our cells are made using our proprietary production process based exclusively on electrodes manufactured in a water-based process, thereby reducing the environmental impact of our production. We are one of the very few manufacturers capable of processing high nickel content cathode without the use of organic solvents. We believe that this is fundamental to the development of a sustainable energy solution.

Our common technology stack serves multiple markets. The vast majority of applications use our technology but we also work with partners to integrate our technology stack with third party technologies and components, delivering the solution that best suits our clients’ needs.

Our industrial solutions provide industry leading lifecycles and better energy and power performance. Our experience and understanding of our client’s applications allow us to find the right balance between power, lifetime and energy density, with Leclanché cells at the core.

Read more about our LT34 Power Cell and GL60 Energy Cell.

We develop and manufacture both technologies:

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  • Graphite/NMC lithium ion cells
  • Lithium Titanate Oxide (LTO) lithium ion cells