Portable systems

We design and manufacture portable systems for the most demanding situations.
We meet the challenges of extreme conditions to ensure our batteries and systems
reliably continue to perform as you need them to.

We engineer complex battery systems for the most demanding conditions. We turn battery specifications into full turnkey solutions including homologation and certifications. Ensuring battery robustness and reliability is of paramount importance to us and to our customers.

Our highly skilled engineering teams design the safety features, which are crucial components in lithium-ion batteries, and follow sophisticated in-house processes and robust project management routines to ensure the highest level of execution. Our products are part of a technological eco-system, which interacts with our in-house battery management system (BMS) platform.

We have strong credentials and a long history with world-class players in the defence industry such as the French and Swiss armies who use our products in demanding real life conditions. We also design and deliver battery systems for the medical and OEM industries.

Leclanche battery pack

We design systems for real life conditions. Project highlights include:

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  • Leclanché is the main supplier for the French army. The battery supplies power to the soldier’s equipment for night vision, telecommunications and real time operation networks.
  • Ruggedised charging stations deployed in the London Tube. The application is linked to the mobile ticketing equipment.
  • Telecomunication battery solutions operated by the Swiss army.
  • Batteries designed for autonomous marine and land robots operated in demining applications.
  • High power and low radiated emission chargers/power supply operated in military telecommunication hubs.
  • A wide range of batteries operated in simulation equipment.
  • A wide range of batteries installed in medical devices.