Solar + Storage

We provide complete turn-key Solar + Storage solutions which fully integrate advanced battery storage systems with new solar PV installations. These enhanced renewable energy systems deliver lower cost, fewer emissions and more reliable generation for both utility systems and commercial or industrial facilities.

Leclanché Solar + Storage systems allow customers to confidently incorporate solar generation into their energy resources and integrate them directly using Leclanché’s smart EMS software. These scalable Solar+Storage solutions enable customers to incorporate cost-effective solar PV into their utility or industrial grids without the typical concerns over intermittent solar ramp rates, evening peak load demands and load / supply balancing.

Customer applications include new integrated solar generation capacity, solar ramp rate control and load shaping shifting.

Solar panels

Leclanché Solar + Storage solutions:

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  • Provide integrated renewable energy with predictable power levels
  • Reduce the effects on the grid of constantly fluctuating solar generation
  • Enable the beneficial use of solar energy into evening peak hours
  • Smartly operate solar generation as a base load power resource

Leclanché installed a BESS in Lausanne, Switzerland at a leading university which integrated a campus-wide solar PV system with both the battery storage system and local utility grid.  The EPFL project has been in operations since fall 2015.