Our Technologies

Our core technology expertise ranges from electrochemistry to energy management software. Leclanché develops, designs and manufactures complete, battery storage solutions, covering the entire technology chain from cells to pack solutions for Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) and Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs), as well as complete, energy storage solutions for multiple storage functions.

Our solutions can be configured to suit a diverse range of applications. In close partnership with our clients, we are responsible for every aspect of the development, production and testing of energy storage solutions, which can be customised to meet our clients’ needs, all under one roof.

With R&D teams in the fields of electrochemical, mechanical, hardware and software development, we place a very strong emphasis on the value that our IP brings to our customers. Innovation is at the heart of all of our activities and covers every aspect of our business from production to services.

Watch Pierre Blanc, CTO of Leclanché, talk about the Company’s manufacturing process from cells to modules and packs, and how these applications promote the integration of renewable energy into our grids.