Commercial & Industrial

We help commercial and industrial clients reduce their electricity costs by designing Electrical Energy Storage Systems (EESS) that reliably reduce energy demand during peak periods and optimise the usage of onsite renewable energy.

Commercial & Industrial Solutions

Integrating a Leclanché battery system offers an array of benefits including the following:

Improve site power quality, reliability and provide back-up power during outages
Take advantage of arbitrage opportunities between peak and off-peak pricing
Optimise energy usage between the grid and on-site renewables
Supply power for peak industrial demands and minimise utility demand charges
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    How does it work ?

    Leclanché’s containerised EESS can reduce a company’s electricity bill and serve as a reliable source of emergency backup power. Batteries are ideal for reducing exposure to peak energy prices and high demand charges. Thanks to our in-house Energy Management Software (EMS) the EESS optimizes the onsite renewable consumption, reduces energy costs and avoids costly power outages.

    Customer applications include peak shaving, load displacement, back-up power and on-site solar PV optimization.

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