The power tool sector, especially the professional segment, requires batteries with extreme robustness, maximum power and energy density. The capability to combine balanced technology to meet cost and performance is key. The voltage range usually exceeds legacy battery pack solutions and requires strict competencies.

Tools Solutions

Integrating a Leclanché battery system offers an array of benefits including the following:

Long track record in 500Wh polesaw battery pack design and delivery
Engineered to fulfill professional requirements
24V to 48V integrated battery packs
In-house homologation equipment

    How does it work ?

    The power tool sector has migrated to battery-powered devices over the past two decades with lithium-ion (li-ion) now the dominate technology. The market segment’s needs, especially for professional applications, is energy quantity and power.

    The power tool equipment usually operates between 24V and 48V. The capacity to be delivered usually exceeds 500Wh, making the battery design quite critical and not easy to achieve. Our expertise in li-ion is key to delivering safe and reliable products. The technical approach is different than for traditional portable applications, demanding specific know-how in addressing a large number of li-ion cells.

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