We focus on cells with two different types of electrochemistry: lithium titanium oxide (LTO) for leading performance in long-life and rapid-charge applications, and graphite-nickel manganese cobalt oxide (G-NMC) for energy intensive applications.

The electrodes in our cells are made using our proprietary water-based production methodology, thereby reducing environmental impact. We are the first manufacturer capable of processing high nickel content cathodes without the use of organic solvents – another improvement supporting sustainability.

Our common technology stack serves multiple markets. The vast majority of applications use our technology; we also work with partners to integrate our technology stack with third-party technologies and components, delivering the solution that best suits our clients’ needs.

Overall, our manufacturing prowess provides industry-leading lifecycles and better energy and power performance. Our experience and understanding of our clients’ applications allow us to find the right balance between power, lifetime and energy density, with Leclanché cells at the core.

Engineered to rigorous standards, our lithium-ion cells are manufactured in our state-of-the-art automated production facility in Germany. Our cells are made of the highest quality materials, using unique processes to maximise safety and cycle life.


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