Leclanché provides key technology to reduce the environmental impact of our customers for cleaner mobility and energy production. Further to this, we are constantly striving to find ways to reduce our own ecological footprint, at both company and product level.

Environmental Impact

Circular economy ​

A circular economy is an economic system based on the reuse and recycling of materials in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

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Reduced Environmental Impact 

Leclanché uses a unique water-based process for cell manufacturing which replaces the need for toxic solvents.

We carry out a thorough evaluation of the environmental impact of our batteries, as well as company-wide green-house gas (GHG) emissions, both direct and indirect.

Health & Safety 

The health and safety of Leclanché’s employees and stakeholders is a key priority for us.

Certified Safety at Every Site

Leclanché is certified in accordance with ISO 45001  for both production sites in Willstätt and Yverdon-les-Bains. ISO 45001 is the standard for management systems for occupational health and safety. It aims to reduce occupational injuries, promoting and protecting physical and mental health.

Sustainability Report

Leclanché is pleased to present its first sustainability report for the year 2023. This comprehensive document not only details how Leclanché integrates sustainability into its governance but also shares critical performance indicators, including greenhouse gas emissions. It further elaborates on the initiatives implemented to reduce the environmental footprint associated with its battery technologies. This underscores Leclanché’s proactive alignment with new regulations on sustainable reporting, such as the European Battery Regulation, the circular economy, and future restrictions on PFAS. By integrating sustainability into its reporting framework, Leclanché demonstrates a commitment to environmental stewardship, instilling confidence in regulatory bodies.

Read the 2023 report here.

Sustainability Videos 

Learn more about the new European Battery Directive. In this series, Ana Tiago and Cyril Carpentier focus on key topics of the new European Battery Directive and make them simple and easy to understand.

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