We produce custom made casings that house and safely protect our cells and electronics. They manage mechanical strength and temperature.

Housings are designed and built to withstand vibration, shock, thermal challenges or different power requirements. The original design of the modules covers a wide range of voltage, capacity and size along with cell protection, safety and monitoring, which are specially designed for each application.

Our battery modules use our integrated Battery Management System (BMS) that monitors each cell in the module and ensures the balancing of the cells.

M3 Modules

The M3 module is assembled on an all new automated production and testing facility in Switzerland, which is designed to automotive industry standards. This production line can produce 11 times more modules than previously possible, with a capacity of more than 250 MWh per year. M3 modules include a battery management system (BMS) with functionally safe slave units which can take up to 24 cell measurements. The slave units run the diagnostics and communicate to the master BMS to ensure optimum safety and comprehensive monitoring.

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Leclanché M3 Module



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