Leclanché offers several validated battery systems for use in the majority of rail applications. The modular design of our systems enables them to be adapted to suit different mounting requirements. On non-electrified or partially electrified rail networks, our high-performance battery systems enable a clean and environmentally friendly mobility solution. Leclanché is an IRIS©-certified company.

e-Rail Solutions

Integrating a Leclanché battery system offers an array of benefits including the following:

Hybrid Traction
Regenerative Energy
Peak Shaving
Strategic Loading
Zero Emission Operation
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    How does it work?

    Trains play an important role in the decarbonizing of transport as they are energy efficient and can be easily electrified.

    Based on the additional increased demand that is assumed to occur from shifting passengers from cars to trains, and freight from trucks to trains, railway energy demand and activity will roughly double by 2050.

    Given that the overhead electrification of railways is not always economically viable, battery powered-trains and locomotives are a perfect alternative. Battery-powered trains are significantly more energy efficient compared to diesel locomotives and emit no emissions wherever they stop or travel.

    • 20% of rail traffic in Europe is operated using diesel locomotion
    • 35% of rail network in Germany is not electrified, 62% in the United Kingdom, 42% in France
    • Cost of catenary overhaul electrification >800K€ in Western Europe
    • 2/3 of the non-electrified sections are <70km in Germany= 95% of all network can be covered by electric multiple unit and battery electric multiple unit existing technologies
    • Different studies show that battery trains are the best solution in terms of total cost of ownership to replace diesel traction

    Leclanché Rail Battery Systems

    The INT-53 Energy battery pack is a modular and scalable li-ion solution for use on trains that operate on partially or non-electrified rail routes.

    Designed to the highest levels of safety standards, our rail battery systems incorporate various proven solutions from cell to pack level, such as multi-layer enclosures, to mitigate any thermal incidents.

    IP65 ingress protection allows the INT-53 Energy rail pack to operate reliably in all environmental conditions.  The battery packs can be connected in series to make a system with voltages of up to 1100 volts and of any capacity.

    Leclanché Rail Battery System Advantages

    • Carbon-free mobility
    • Substantial maintenance savings
    • Quieter operation (typically 50% quieter than diesel trains)
    • Long lifetime battery systems
    • Investment in a sustainable future
    • Fuel consumption savings of 30 to 50% when applied to hybrid battery-diesel trains

    Leclanché’s rail packs have a unique design that allow us to meet the requirements of different rail customers, whatever the size, energy, power, safety, fast-charging or usage profile that is required.

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