Energy Management Software

The Leclanché’s EMS software suite offers cutting-edge tools to manage large grid-connected battery energy storage systems (BESS).

Leclanché’s energy management software (EMS) is designed to integrate flexibly with multiple battery/inverter combinations. These include mix-and-match configurations with multiple vendors, subsystem software versions, battery management systems (BMS) and various power and energy ratings with a very high level of reliability and performance.

The EMS consists of the following components:

  • Power plant controller (PPC) for managing BESS operation
  • Human machine interface (HMI) software for interacting locally or remotely with the PPC
  • Cloud-based software for secure remote access
  • Historical data logging and reporting (cloud-based or on-site)

Leclanché’s EMS is recognised in the industry as providing a very wide array of features and benefits which include:

  • Seamless utility back-office integration (including SCADA, DMS, DERMS)
  • ISO frequency regulation ancillary services
  • Energy arbitrage
  • Flexible fleet management
  • Voltage support (Volt/VAR feedback)
  • Power flow stability improvement
  • Intermittency mitigation for wind and solar integration
  • Real-time equipment monitoring
  • Balance of plant integration with HVAC, fire safety and security components

Leclanché provides tailor-made solutions and can custom design EMS based on different combinations of the above features.

Leclanché’s talented and innovative EMS engineers provide end-to-end support from concept to launch and beyond. Thanks to the multiple rounds of rigorous testing in both simulation and real-world environments, Leclanché offers a secure, stable and reliable EMS to manage the toughest challenges on the grid.