Specialty battery systems

From automated guided vehicles (AGV) to military applications, we design and manufacture specialised, custom-made, low-voltage battery systems for a wide range of demanding applications. Our battery systems are integrated with control electronics. Customised housings, as well as the charging equipment, are designed on a case-by-case basis to ensure the best possible fit for each application.


The power tool sector, especially the professional segment, requires batteries with extreme robustness, maximum power and energy density. The capability to combine balanced technology to meet cost and performance is key. The voltage range usually exceeds legacy battery pack solutions and requires strict competencies.


In medical applications, the engineering and official certification requirements are so demanding that choosing the right partner is crucial. Reliability and solution efficiency make a huge difference. The power supply cannot fail; it must work. To achieve this goal, battery experience alone is not sufficient. It requires global expertise in battery, hardware and regulations.

Military and Defence Applications

In this very exacting sector, equipment is exposed to the harshest environmental conditions whether in simulation training or real battle conditions. Reliability means keeping soldiers alive and giving them tactical advantages. Executing military projects requires unique know-how which Leclanché has acquired over the past 20 years.

Robotics & AGV

Robots used in production processes are essential to ensuring quality and efficiency controls. Our engineered battery solutions, which integrate fast charge technologies and high levels of intelligence, enhance robots’ capabilities. We not only provide battery and related controls but a complete turnkey solution, which includes charger, docking station and a remote access platform. AGVs are a typical application where our fast-charging technology dramatically reduces downtime.

Portable Systems

We design and manufacture portable systems for the most demanding situations. We meet the challenges of extreme conditions to ensure our batteries and systems reliably continue to perform when you need them. Typical customers include integrators of defence and simulation equipment.

Damen Amherst Islander II & Wolfe Islander IV

  The Challenges The electrification of transportation is expanding at a fast pace and that includes the maritime sector where a growing list of countries are requiring the electrification of ferries. Fully electric ferries reduce emissions – and noise (especially important within the harbor) – as well as operational costs. Passenger ferries, which travel relatively […]

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Romande Energie, Aigle

As known, the intermittent nature of renewable energy resources, such as wind and solar, can force electrical grids to operate in unfeasible conditions. In order to evaluate the best possible way to overcome this challenge and develop innovative grid solutions, the country founded the Swiss Competence Center of Electrical Infrastructure (SCCER-FURIES).

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Major cities and regions, such as Toronto, Ontario, are facing the increasingly difficult challenge of generating more clean and efficient power for their growing population centers while maintaining the reliability of the grid.

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Other solutions

The transport industry is under increasing pressure to use green technology to reduce harmful CO

Leclanché Stationary Solutions business benefits all members of the energy economy – power produc...