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The transport industry is under increasing pressure to use green technology to reduce harmful CO2 and NOx emissions. Leclanché’s e-Transport business unit offers solutions to meet these ever-increasing legislative pressures to power the electrification of transport in the form of efficient and reliable energy storage solutions.

The high energy and long cycle life attributes of Leclanché’s lithium-ion cells, whether our high power lithium titanate (LTO) cell or our high energy Graphite / Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (G/NMC) cells, are at the heart of optimising fleet vehicles of all sizes while reducing the cost of ownership for fleet vehicle operators.

Our cells are both designed and manufactured in-house in Europe, thereby ensuring the most stringent quality standards are maintained, and benefiting from the shortest logistics supply chain.

We integrate our cells into a wide variety of module configurations, depending on the specific application required by the customer. Modules are fitted into robust standard or made-to-measure packs together with our dedicated battery management systems, along with air- or water-cooling systems as required.


Our proven marine battery systems are powering the next generation of electric and hybrid maritime vessels, helping to reduce their environmental impact and improving sustainability while also assisting with regulatory requirement compliance. On port-side, our charging and battery energy storage systems (BESS) enable fast charging while also reducing the demand on the harbour grid by acting as a buffer.

e-Commercial Vehicles

We have high-performance battery systems to suit the majority of fully electric or hybrid  specialised commercial vehicle applications, helping to accelerate the transition to cleaner transportation solutions.


Leclanché offers several validated battery systems for use in the majority of rail applications. The modular design of our systems enables them to be adapted to suit different mounting requirements. On non-electrified or partially electrified rail networks, our high-performance battery systems enable a clean and environmentally friendly mobility solution. Leclanché is an IRIS©-certified company.

Damen Amherst Islander II & Wolfe Islander IV

  The Challenges The electrification of transportation is expanding at a fast pace and that includes the maritime sector where a growing list of countries are requiring the electrification of ferries. Fully electric ferries reduce emissions – and noise (especially important within the harbor) – as well as operational costs. Passenger ferries, which travel relatively […]

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Romande Energie, Aigle

As known, the intermittent nature of renewable energy resources, such as wind and solar, can force electrical grids to operate in unfeasible conditions. In order to evaluate the best possible way to overcome this challenge and develop innovative grid solutions, the country founded the Swiss Competence Center of Electrical Infrastructure (SCCER-FURIES).

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Major cities and regions, such as Toronto, Ontario, are facing the increasingly difficult challenge of generating more clean and efficient power for their growing population centers while maintaining the reliability of the grid.

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