Leclanche battery


Leclanché made an early investment in developing a DNV-GL certified battery system for marine applications, and is the first battery supplier to fully comply with the stringent 2015 regulations that are currently in force.

As international marine regulations continue to limit SOx and NOx emissions, our energy storage systems provide all electric and hybrid power solutions that bring game-changing efficiencies and reduce the environmental impact of all vessel types. Customer applications include ferries, tugboats and container ships.

Leclanché has completed a project in Denmark to create the world’s largest, fully electric ferry, connecting the island of Aero to Als in southern Denmark. The landmark project, backed by the EU, is to replace diesel-powered ferries, creating energy saving of up to 50% and major emission reductions. Download the brochure.

The Marine Rack (MRS)

The Marine Rack System (MRS) is a modular and scalable Li-ion battery system for marine applications.
Designed to be safe, the MRS has undergone numerous fire propagation tests and is DNV-GL certified. With redundant fire detection systems, hot gas extraction channels and the choice of two integrated fire suppression systems (foam or watermist based) the risk of fire propagration has been reduced to zero. The water mist system integrates easily with existing water based fire suppression systems. IP65 ingress protection allows the MRS to operate reliably in hostile marine environments. The MRS is available in multiple
rack heights including: 3, 6, 9 and 10 module variants. These can used with 4s8p, 8s4p and 16s2p module configurations and connected in series to make a pack of any voltage up to 1100 volts and of any capacity.


The system has been designed to provide the safest practical operation on board a vessel:

  • Fire suppression architecture
  • Leclanché G-NMC cell technologies

Discover how Leclanché is committed to being at the forefront of marine transport electrification.

Watch the video below about our landmark E-ferry project.