Our advanced marine battery systems are powering the next generation of electric and hybrid maritime vessels, helping to reduce their environmental impact and improving sustainability, while also assisting with regulatory requirement compliance. On port-side, our charging and battery energy storage systems (BESS) enable fast charging whilst also reducing the demand on the harbour grid by acting as a buffer.

e-Marine Solutions

Integrating a Leclanché battery system offers an array of benefits including the following:

Spinning Reserve
Enhanced Dynamic Performance
Peak Shaving
Strategic Loading
Zero Emission Operation
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    Navius MRS-3 Marine Rack System

    The Navius MRS-3, is Leclanché latest generation of marine battery system, specifically designed for the supply of on-board energy storage in marine applications.

    It comprises the latest generation Leclanché M3 Energy battery modules fitted with our proprietary high energy G/NMC cells, a Functionally Safe Battery Management system and is assembled into a scalable and modular rack system. This new design enables the Navius MRS-3 to be configured to fit efficiently into the available space on nearly any vessel.

    It is an evolution of the successful and well proven Leclanché MRS-2 system
    which is powering vessels around the world.

    The Navius MRS-3 battery system utilises liquid-cooling for more efficient
    thermal management, a longer system lifetime and high performance in
    a compact footprint.

    Features and Specifications

    • Battery string voltage up to 1200 VDC
    • Up to 5C peak discharge current (720 A continuous) per string
    • Up to 3C peak charge current (480 A continuous) per string
    • Integrated Leclanché Functionally Safe BMS
      battery management system
    • High energy Leclanché 65 Ah G/NMC cells or 72 Ah G/NMCA cells
    • 2 module configurations available
    • Scalable string configuration for multi-MWh system sizes
    • Optional multi-string controller (MSC) to support parallel
      battery strings
    • Liquid-cooled for optimum system temperature control,
      cell cycle life & energy density
    • Thermal propagation protection using an integrated active
      safety system
    • European manufactured cells, modules and racks for enhanced supply chain reliability, reduced environmental footprint and best in class quality.

    System Configurations

    The Navius MRS-3 battery racks are available in 7 different heights, ranging from 926 mm to 2,431 mm, which enables them to fit perfectly into nearly all battery room sizes, whatever the vessel type.

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