Robots are essential to enhancing productivity and robots’ batteries and chargers are key to optimising their performance.

We are acutely aware that any potential system failures due to batteries and chargers create downtime and therefore loss of revenue.  Our solutions and products are carefully designed to avoid such issues. Our fast charging technology, which has been optimised to allow charging times of under 5 minutes, also maximises the return on investment on the equipment.

Read more about the benefits of lithium titanate batteries in AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) and AUVs (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles) here.

Over the years we have developed technology stacks with hardware and software that are connected to a monitoring platform, thereby allowing preventive maintenance. In addition, we provide extensive aftermarket support through our client servicing team, covering all of Europe. We also provide clients with innovative “pay as you use” battery leasing options.

In partnership with our customers, we work to address the challenges of creating systems with:

  • The lowest possible down time (ultra fast charging systems)
  • The highest TCO (LTO technology offering the highest cycle count in the industry)
  • Vertical integration from cell manufacturing to remote access platform