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Commercial & Industrial

We help commercial and industrial clients reduce their electricity costs by designing
energy storage systems that reliably reduce energy demand during peak periods
and optimise the usage of onsite renewable energy.

Leclanché’s containerised energy storage systems can reduce a company’s electricity bill and serve as a reliable source of emergency backup power. Batteries are ideal for reducing exposure to peak power prices and high demand charges. By optimising the consumption of onsite renewable and grid energy, our intelligent EMS software can help companies avoid costly power outages while reducing energy costs and minimising carbon footprint.

Customer applications include demand charge reduction, back-up power / UPS and on-site solar PV optimisation.

Commercial Solar Panels

Leclanché Commercial & Industrial solutions:

  • Supply power for peak industrial demands and minimise utility demand charges
  • Optimise energy usage between the grid and on-site renewables
  • Take advantage of arbitrage opportunities between peak and off-peak pricing
  • Improve site power quality, reliability and provide back-up power during outages

Read more about our 2.0 MW / 4.9 MWh Oakville C&I project in Ontario, Canada which enables a plastics manufacturer to significantly reduce its global adjustment (demand) charge from the utility.