We provide grid-connected battery energy storage systems and energy management software to support grid stabilisation and resilience. We have current projects are in operation across Europe, the United-States and Canada, which makes Leclanché a world leader in this space.

Leclanché partners with developers, utilities and system operators who need energy storage to better manage electrical grids that are being pressured by the increased penetration of intermittent renewable energy sources and demands from electric transportation and decentralised generation. Leclanché energy storage solutions improve grid stability, increase renewable energy penetration and alleviate critical constraints on electrical transmission systems.

Leclanché large-scale utility solutions:

  • Provide ancillary services including frequency regulation
  • Manage peak load demands both mid-day and evening hours
  • Defer costly transmission system upgrades and provide distribution grid stabilisation
  • Add flexible generation under automated control with instantaneous response

Our 20 MW / 20 MWh battery storage facility in Marengo, Illinois, USA provides reliable fast-response frequency regulation services to the PJM regional grid system covering over 70 million customers.  Read more about our project in Marengo.

Watch the video below about our basin project in Toronto, Canada. Read more about it here