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Virtual Island Summit 2019: “Energy Independence for island Nations: Building Sustainable and Resilient Microgrids.”

Fri Nov 1

Stationary Solutions EVP Bryan Urban spoke on a panel at the first Virtual Island Summit on the topic of “Energy Independence for island Nations: Building Sustainable and Resilient Microgrids.”

Island nations seeking a more reliable and sustainable way of generating and distributing power have had even more incentive to upgrade their power infrastructure given recent highly destructive storms in Puerto Rico and portions of the Bahamas. It is becoming increasingly recognized that a shaky grid, powered by containerized shipments of diesel fuel, is not a good long-term option.

Significant advances in solar and wind energy generation technologies, coupled with the latest storage and microgrid technologies, highlight a new era of energy independence for countries or islands seeking to upgrade their power ecosystems.

How to go about finding the best solution? What type of planning is required? How can governments and utilities move forward proactively instead of waiting for environmental or catastrophic incidents to force their hands?

Learn from our panel of experts, some of whom have been involved in planning and/or implementation of some of these projects including:
*The installation on Portugal’s Graciosa Island which displaces as much as 70% of the island’s existing diesel fuel-generated power with new and clean wind and solar energy.
*Recently announced plans by the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis and the state-owned utility company, SKELEC, to build the largest solar generation, energy storage, microgrid project in the Caribbean.