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Wed Sep 13

Leclanché Selected to Supply Battery Systems for a Second Pair of CMAL Hybrid Ferries Serving Scotland’s Outer Hebrides Islands

  Twin RoPax ferries being built at Cemre Shipyard in Turkey for Scotland’s Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited Second project in collaboration with Istanbul systems integrator elkon ...

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Tue Jan 16

Leclanché Meets Requirements for Investment Funds to Comply with Environment, Social and Governance Article 9 Financial Products

Ad hoc announcement pursuant to Art. 53 LR   Leclanché Meets Requirements for Investment Funds to Comply with Environment, Social and Governance Article 9 Financial Products Leclanché has...

Press Releases

Thu Oct 19

Leclanché ready to overcome PFAS restrictions in Europe thanks to its water-based cell production

  Europe plans to restrict the usage of PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) for its persistence in the environment and potential adverse effects on human health. Battery industry...

Leclanché’s e-Transport Solutions team powers the electrification of transport (trains, vessels, trucks and more) through efficient, proven and reliable energy storage solutions.

This group creates custom low-voltage battery systems for a wide range of demanding applications.

Leclanché Stationary Solutions business group provides substantial benefits to grid operators, utilities and corporate and commercial energy users.






Damen Amherst Islander II & Wolfe Islander IV

  The Challenges The electrification of transportation is expanding at a fast pace and that includes the maritime sector where a growing list of countries are requiring the electrification of ferries. Fully electric ferries reduce emissions – and noise (especially important within the harbor) – as well as operational costs. Passenger ferries, which travel relatively […]

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Romande Energie, Aigle

As known, the intermittent nature of renewable energy resources, such as wind and solar, can force electrical grids to operate in unfeasible conditions. In order to evaluate the best possible way to overcome this challenge and develop innovative grid solutions, the country founded the Swiss Competence Center of Electrical Infrastructure (SCCER-FURIES).

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Major cities and regions, such as Toronto, Ontario, are facing the increasingly difficult challenge of generating more clean and efficient power for their growing population centers while maintaining the reliability of the grid.

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13-14 March 2024

Electric and Hybrid Marine World Expo, Long beach

5- 8 December 2023

Marintec China, Shanghai

21-25 November 2023


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